Hi mumma! Welcome to Molly Oak Coaching


High five mumma-friend! You’ve just taken the first step toward focusing on You again, and I’m so proud.

(Like, ‘I’m-jumping-for-joy-with-glitter-pom-poms-high-in-the-air’ kind of proud of you for giving yourself this moment, away from life-puzzles and to-do lists.)

This is a space for you to receive (and share) tips and tricks on self-love and regaining your passion for your time here on earth, specifically with the whirlwind lifestyle of being a mum in mind!

My name is Malin Ekenberg, I am the heart and soul behind Molly Oak Coaching.

I work specifically with mums who are (or want to be) joyful, adventurous, fierce, loving and creative and are soooo ready to kick-start their self-development. My clients come to me because they are ready to rediscover themselves and their purpose in life after becoming parents. This doesn’t mean they come with a clear path ahead and everything figured out. Sometimes its the opposite. That’s why I’m here to help you!

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Becoming a mumma is such a vulnerable time, and I love holding space for my clients while they figure it all out, in their own, amazingly perfect way.

…because, motherhood is multi-layered (like an onion, or a princess cake)

and not something we can be expected to ‘just know’ how to do by ourselves.

We are continuously told parenting is this amazing thing (which of course it is) but makes us feel we cannot ever want more, because we’re #blessed. I call B.S.

To be able to really appreciate anything in life, we need to be allowed to want more for ourselves. Motherhood is no different. We can want more for ourselves and still LOVE THE CRAP out of our kids, our situation and ourselves.

My vision for this space is to share thoughts and ideas, share inspiring mumma stories from around the globe and sometimes just send you a love note to remind you of just how amazing a woman you really are.

If you’d like to join the mumma-family and receive updates when I post, personal love notes, first dibs of event tickets and so much more, please join the circle here.

My hopes for this space is that it’ll inspire and ignite your zest for life and spark your motivation to take action toward your very own version of Joyful Motherhood.

If you want to dive deep into your wants, dreams and wishes for yourself, I offer one-on-one coaching to get into THE DOING part of your dreams. You can read more about what coaching with me looks like in the About pages.

If you can already feel the vibes and you want to work with me, you can head straight to the Work with me page to book your complimentary Welcome Call.

Welcome to this space mumma-bear. I hope you make yourself at home and catch yourself smiling, learning and sparking a bit of excitement for your future as you explore the rooms of our online space.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in your life. When you’re ready to have a helping hand or cheerleader with you on your adventure, I’m right here waiting for you.

I would LOVE to help you build your Most Joyful Life. Because you are a part of mine.

With Love, Malin

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