A bit about me

My name is Malin. Many call me Molly. My surname is Swedish, so naturally it’s difficult to pronounce. If you translate it to English though, it means Oak Mountain. Poetic, right?

And the Oak tree is such a fitting symbol for what my coaching is about. You can only grow into a strong and beautifully connected woman who is full of character and get to enjoy a long, happy life when you have hold-fast, deeply grounded and well-nourished roots. To me the roots represents the soul, the life force, the happiness, the joy.

So that’s where Molly Oak Coaching comes from. She grew out of a little acorn, found among the beautiful fallen leaves. (Besides, I felt it was out of the question to call my coaching business Molly Mountain. I’ll reserve that for another adventure. Maybe my Roller-derby name?)

I am a mumma, girlfriend, hobby gardener, soul sister and Swedish expat living in a little slice of heaven in southwestern Australia.

I am also a qualified life coach and I work with women, mainly mums, who want to put focus back on themselves and their self-development, but aren’t sure how to go about it.

I hold space for these mummas while they rediscover their joyful spirit and passion for life!

Through our work together, these powerhouse women grow into those beaming, loving, inspiring role models they were always meant to be, for themselves and for their families. I especially love seeing my clients finally reconnecting to their true Selves and begin to prioritise their very own brand of happiness!

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Filling your cup first

I believe that by empowering mums, and by default our next generations, we unlock the key to our future as a whole.

To be allowed to help mums, kids and teens build strong foundations for their lives is pure Magic to me.

How did I get into coaching?

I have always been a Carer. (In high school my classmates nickname for me was Mamma-Malin. I did not appreciate it at the time, but now I look back on it with so much Love. More about that another time)

Not surprisingly, I have spent my adult life doing work that is Service focused, and I love it! Helping people find their spark is my jam. I’ve been allowed to guide my clients and colleagues in setting and reaching goals and create supportive structures to empower them to live their very best lives, and I have been able to call it work.

BUT, I’ve always known in my heart that I am meant for deeper service than I was able to give during my ‘day job’. It was definitely on the right track, but the short connections were getting old and I was losing my own spark.

So then, as the universe would have it, I was thrown a curve-ball called pregnancy. I was encouraged to look at my life in a whole new light. What was my purpose, my calling, my reason for being?

Fast forward about nine months; I was now on leave with my beautiful daughter, my life had slowed right down, the chatter in my head had quietened a little, and my soul had found her voice and gotten REAL LOUD. I finally allowed it all in.

What am I here to do? What is this lifetime about? If we end up in a apocalypse situation of some kind, will I be able to contribute to humanity? Those kind of questions… They were finally allowed in.

And look, I definitely do not have it all figured out, and that’s the fun part!

I do know this though:

I want to help, be useful, empower women to stand in their own flavour of power and own their passions, in this lifetime. I want to help women build their best, most Joyful life!

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After becoming a mum and abruptly outgrowing the person I was, I realized it’s time to find and start fulfilling my role in this lifetime.

After becoming a mum and abruptly outgrowing the person I was, I realized it’s time to find and start fulfilling my role in this lifetime.

So I got cracking. To make sure I could truly serve my future clients, I studied with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and loved it. The skills I learned enabled me to build this Heart-centered Business that I love. I get to hold space for women to grow into their full potential daily, and now I get to share my calling with you.

If you are ready (and I think you are, because you're here), I would love to help you create your best life for yourself too.

Would you like to know more?

Head to the Work with Me page to discover the different ways we can collaborate, or if you're ready to dive in, click the button at the top right to book your Welcome Call.

I am so glad you have taken your first steps toward focusing on you again! And that they have led you here makes me so excited.

I would love to cheer you on while you start building Your Joyful Life.

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