Why I chose to become a coach.

There are many reasons I found myself on the path that lead me to study coaching, and start this lil’ business of mine. Here’s a little snippet of WHY I coach.

My whole life I've had a tendency toward the caretaker and/or project manager roles. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m sure I’m destined to do more for the community than I currently am.

As soon as I find myself in a "selfish" phase, a feeling of ickyness creeps in and I start feeling generally ‘off’.

By selfish I mean when I have spent too much time being too theoretical, thinking too much and not feeling enough, too focused on me and with a having a noticeable lack in focus on my community (friends, family, neighbors, clients etc).

I recently listened to a podcast by Kristina Karlsson where she interviewed a woman called Tererai Trent.

Tererais story is one of starting life in poverty stricken Zimbabwe and of being married at 11 years of age and becoming a mother of four before she had turned 18.

Despite this start in life, she has built a legacy all about dreaming big, defeating the odds and the benefit of committing to working really hard for the things you believe in. I am currently deep-diving into learning more about her, and I'm sure I'll write more about her here in future.

In this interview with Kristina, Tererai quoted her mothers response to Tererai sharing her list of dreams with her as a young woman:

"Your dreams will have greater meaning when they are tied to the betterment of others"

The essence of that message is what I feel when I think of my choice of work. Coaching.

I have spent many years working for the betterment of barely anyone except myself and maybe my team, and mostly the hip-pocket of people I do not know. There are some notable exceptions of brilliant people I have worked for and been inspired by in the past, and I promise to tell you more about that in the future also.

With the work I do now, I get to see the ripple effects of my contributions and feel proud of the impact I am having. I get to empower women to step into their own brilliance, for a living!

By empowering one woman to re-connect to her deepest passions, the things that light her up, she then inspires her children, partner, family, friends, coworkers, on and on, simply by leading by her very best example. How awesome is that? I get to be part of the spark that reignites her fire.

It's not about me anymore. But I of course I get immense personal satisfaction from the work I do. Win-Win right :)

This is one of the reasons I love my ‘job’. There are many more, and I am working on my Manifesto to gain even greater clarity on my mission. When I complete it, I promise to share it here.

Do you love how you spend your time? Do you wake up every morning, happy to be where you are right now, and excited for the future? Either way, I would love to hear your story, so if you feel called to, please connect with me in the comments or by clicking here

With Love, Malin

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So what is coaching?

You have decided to look into getting a coach for yourself, but you’ve never done this before so you are feeling unsure.

Will working with a coach actually do anything for you?

How does it all work? Is it like having a counselor?

Is it the same as that soccer coach in high school?

I get it. I didn’t know either, until I realised that all the most epic people in my life had worked with a coach, or were coaches themselves! That made me curious and I started researching, just like you are doing now! Kudos to you. Information is Queen.

“Coaching is setting your big dreams in motion. Coaching is looking forward and taking action to achieve your far-out goals and build you best life on them.

You know the ones.

Those dreams that keep popping up in your heart, the ones you aren’t doing anything about because the idea of actually achieving them scares you. This is where coaching comes in. A coach helps you take action and honor your best version of you. The version of you that can and will achieve these dreams and live that life you always wanted!

Working with a coach looks different depending on which coach you work with. BUT we all have some things in common.

For starters, we LOVE supporting our clients and we want nothing more than to see you thrive and grow as a person. We are cheerleaders, heart-holders, boundary pushers, accountability buddies and motivators. If its scary, life changing and heart expanding; we’re there!

Working with a coach is honoring your dreams for real and taking them serious enough to ask for help to get you ‘there’.

There’ can be anything from completing a marathon, gaining confidence as a mum, finding body confidence on the beach, landing that dream job, attracting your soulmate, feeling that inner knowing of your value, receiving that photography award you dared to dream of and EVERYTHING in between.

Sounds awesome, right?

If you're more than curious, and would love to work with me, get in touch. I'd love to connect with you!

Hello and welcome to the blog side of Molly Oak Coaching

Hello beautiful you!

I am so happy to see you have found your way to my corner of the internet.

Though lets face it, to me this corner is more like the castle in The Neverending Story. You can’t hide that baby in a corner!

My hopes for this space is that it will become a safe haven for you to laugh, cry, share, get inspired and feel part of a community of like-minded but also very different mums!

I will be sharing stories from my own life and the lives of people who inspire me. I will also be sharing advice, tips and learnings on all topics relating to SELF LOVE, SELF DEVELOPMENT, ORGANISATION and JOY with a special focus on the needs, experiences and lifestyles of mums!

I hope you’ll join me in the fun! Get as involved as you’d like, and as you know, I am always here with my coaching services, just for you, when you’re ready to kick-start Your Most Joyful Life.

Now tell me: Whats your name, and what would you LOVE to read about?

With Love, Malin